Division Of Community Property

Did you know that the state of Arizona uses a community property system to divide assets and debts when going through a divorce? The system used here is completely different than the equitable distribution method used by most other states. If you are currently facing a divorce it’s imperative that you get advice from a local family lawyer who understands the Arizona Community Divisions.

What is considered Community Property in Arizona You May Ask?

Community property is when a husband and wife both own the property. It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter who purchased the property. The only exceptions to this rule is property acquired by the following:

– Property that was acquired by devise (inherited by will)

– Property that was acquired by descent (inherited other than by will)

– Property that was acquired by gift

Property acquired by one of the above is considered separate property. Separate property means that the asset was acquired or owned prior to the marriage or was a gift during the marriage. Most of the time assets that you or your spouse acquire during the time of marriage fits into the community property category. This includes the following:

– Real Estate

– Bank Accounts

– Stocks

– Cars

– Jewelry

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